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by CL10494
Meineinkauf Homepage

Shipping to Switzerland for Euro prices

General information: Short description: Meineinkauf.ch is an online service provider, which allows you goods from abroad euro cost to order and deliver directly to you home. It is the genius, that the price of the service has already for the postage fees, customs and other duties including. Service provider: https://meineinkauf.ch Typ: Online-Service Platforms: Browser Cost: free Other: Payment currency: CHF Languages: German Cost: Registration: free of charge Electrónico E-mail address: free of charge Service fee per purchase (in the case of items up to 10 kg): CHF 14.90 (stand 09.02.2017) Service fee from 2 programmes: 9.90 CHF (State: 09.02.2017) Return [...]
To Good To Go

ToGoodToGo – the app against food waste

by CL10494
The application ToGoodToGo enables restaurant operators on the one their product offering to present and to be known. On the other hand, people can secure nice food bargains with a lower budget or a saving sense.

Products from the far East – geek and wish the test

General information: Short description: Geek is an application, which can be ordered products from the far East at extremely affordable prices. According to app, price discounts are propagated by over 90%. The website for the app can be found under https://geek.wish.com/. Type: Online-Retailer Kosten: free Other: Payment currency: USD Languages: German/English/Chinese Payment methods: Credit card Google Wallet Apple pay PayPal Klarna EBANX iDEAL Offered products Geek offers products from the following product groups: Clothing for women and men Accessories for mobile phones Jewelry, watches and other accessories Makeup & beauty products Bags Electronics and gadgets Sports and outdoor clothing Children [...]
Biteable Logo

Present your business with biteable.com

General information: Short description: With biteable.com can be in the standard version free of charge create the following types of videos: Explanatory videos Promotional videos Presentation videos Intros Slideshows Type: Online product Cost: Standard version: free of charge Premium: 99 USD/year (8.25 USD/month) Step 1: Registration Registration on bitable.com is very fast. Registration can be done with one of the three following options: Name, email and password (requires email confirmation) Facebook Google + Step 2: Select of a video type Now, a video type can be selected from a list of types of video. I select the explainer video in [...]