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USI-tech – trading at your fingertips

General information:


Brief description:
USI-Tech is a high-tech software companies, which are mainly
focuses on the development of commercial software. The company develops
highly efficient trading software for almost 10 years and combines this
sophisticated algorithms with a top-class technical expertise in the Forex market.

Software product

Trading software: €600 (one-time-fee)


USI-Tech is a developer of trading software products. The software is developed on the basis of the knowledge of experienced traders together with highly qualified programmers. The high-quality professionals secure company claims continuously the quality of the products.

By a constant optimization software USI-tech brought his clients up to 6% in the past 4 weeks of benefits. The software focuses mainly in trading on the Forex market, Forex trading so.

Contrary to the manual trading 70 per cent risk of loss is reduced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is lies in the fact that automated algorithms in fractions of a second can see which step as next ideally run is. Also runs the software 24 hours on all 5 days of the trading week.

As a special feature, an unlimited and free service is offered, which are included in the fee of the commercial software. The software now not only for large customers, but also for small customers with a low budget is also available. The only downside here is that the retail customer must operate the software on his own computer or in its own cloud. This, which must be caught again by the profits that generated the software costs. Depending on the investment amount, this should be but rarely a problem as far as the software still generates between 1% and 6% per month.

Benefits of the financial market

There are several reasons which have induced USI-tech to the Forex market to enter. For one, the company realized that the stability of currencies constitute an important criterion for a safe trade. It is also now very easily possible decentralized Internet access trade operations run.

Daily, more than $4 billion are moved by computer-aided systems trading volume. This above all offers for various currencies are issued automatically. This staff and infrastructure costs are saved, resulting in new business opportunities.

Why USI-tech?

Why USI-tech sure is the global prime brokerage company Royal finance trading (s. http://rfxt.com/), collaborates with the USI-tech. The automatic software transactions are executed from this company. This, the brokerage firm cooperates Bank with the national Australian who is one of the top 20 of global banks.

The Australian Securities and investments Commission (ASIC) provides highest possible protection of customer deposits at Royal finance trading. In addition, the company already has some awards to present. Learn more about the deposit protection can be found under https://www.rfxt.com.au/regulations.php.

Software sales

USI-tech trading software is released in a limited edition for private individuals. This means that if a certain amount of output is reached, no more licenses are sold. You can find out why this is so, later in the interview, which I have had with the Coordinator of the company, Ralf Gold.

The software is sold via the so-called direct marketing, which is known as referral marketing. USI-tech deliberately used this distribution channel, because from an enterprise perspective, hardly an efficient way exists to find new customers. Even influential people such as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet go direct marketing will be one of the pioneering distribution channels in the future. However, this requires a real product that is high quality and provides a great benefit. USI-Tech is right here and tries to position with a software tested over several years on the private trading market.

Interview with Ralf Gold

I had earlier with Ralf Gold an interview USI-tech to do the honor. Ralf is responsible for coordination within the company. He also supports the development of the commercial software through its many years of expertise in the field of Forex trading.

Thank you for the time that he has taken on in the interview for me goes to him. Especially his competence and transparency have referred me to answering my questions very positively surprised.

Please note that this interview was held in German and there is not any translation yet.

You can enter you about me or other users of the USI-tech product and just get started. For more information, you can leave me a comment.

Joining USI-tech

Joining USI-Tech is free of charge. You can either obtain the software or first with the dashboard make you familiar, which in my opinion is very easy. Here is the link to sign up:

USI-Tech – Trading auf Knopfdruck

Update (09.11.2016)

Again, Ralf has enlightened me about the following points:

  • USI-tech company is only a software company and does not work as a service provider for hosting
  • By a constant optimization software USI-tech could bring his clients up to 6% within 4 weeks of profits in the past
  • The software is suitable especially for medium – and long-term investments
  • In the medium to long term strategy the results best within 6-12 are months in
  • There can be months where any profits or even losses are generated, which however always again were offset in the past by the subsequent months
  • With respect to the use of a VPS (virtual private server): We recommend all customers to make their trading platform (meta trader 4) on a VPS, since thereby the quality of the orders provided by the software in the market, can be ensured by the service provider and must
  • With regard to the resistance of Community currencies: Most countries have an own currency which would them as stable as possible through corresponding Internet business strategies. No country wants to lose its independence in relation to its currency, which the continuity of the Forex/Forex market guarantees.
Update (16.12.2016)

USI-tech software running profitably. The profit on one of trader’s accounts with USD 10 ‘000 deposit has 4 weeks to USD 13’ 062. increases (see 17 Image below).

All financial products with leverage present a high risk to your capital, therefore they are not suitable for all investors. With the trade of such financial products, a total loss of the invested capital may arise. Make sure that you fully understand all the risks and can be if necessary. advice from an independent party.

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