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General Information:

Brief Description: Behind Minerva Trading is the corporation GM Inc DOO, which holds a license for financial transactions. Minerva has several trading cooperations with traders and dealers worldwide and uses the bot to give small investors access to the crypto world. The company provides its company documents via the bot in the Marketing -> Company section.


– Telegram app on the smartphone
– Crypto Currency Wallet (e.g. Jaxx Mobile Wallet or on bitcoin.de, blockchain.info etc.) or Wallet at a Crypto Broker (e.g. Coinbase or Lykke) with funds (e.g. in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether)

Performance Promise:

Minerva Performance Promise


Deposit currency: BTC(Bitcoin)/ETH(Ethereum)/LTC(Litecoin)/XRP(Ripple)/BCH(Bitcoin Cash)/XMR(Monero)/NEO/DOGE/DASH
Payment currency: BTC(Bitcoin)

Language support: German/English/French/Italian/Spanish/Vietnamese/Japanese/Chinese and various others

The bot started on 12.12.2018
Investments are possible since 16.12.2018

The Business Concept

An important question is the question of profit generation. This is particularly important for investors who want to know whether this is a so-called ponzy or snowball system in which money is “moved around” internally in order to pay out the investors.

At Minerva, the company ensures that the so-called arbitrage trading, which takes place in the background, generates enough monthly profits to pay out all investors and generate profits for the company.

The investor has the risk of the deposit recovery for the first 5 weeks, as the investment only flows back after this time, before the first profits can be made at the beginning of month 6. The concept is therefore similar to that of mining, since the capital invested in the mining equipment only flows back over time before (in the best case) the first profits can be taken. However, the company is much better positioned than existing mining companies due to arbitrage trading in the background (at least according to the current status) and can therefore theoretically operate better.

In the following, the offer of the trading offer will be explained in more detail.

The Offer

The Minerva Trading Bot promises a base rate of 0.714% per day and thus 5% per week. Deposits are already possible from 5 Euro, whereby deposits are made in crypto currencies. This simplifies the process drastically, as each deposit is immediately credited to the account and included in future interest distributions.

In the following an example account is represented, which runs already since December last year:

Minerva Auszahlungen nach einem Monat. Bereits ein Drittel des Einsatzes wurde durch reine Reinvestments wieder zurückgeholt.

Minerva Payouts of Demo Account

If you are logged into the bit, you have the option to view your current wealth. To do this, simply enter My Balance in the chat window and confirm with Enter.

In the picture above you can see an account that was created on December 16, 2018. The original deposit was 1500€. The already generated profits are after one month – with Reinvests – at 423€. Thus already 28% flowed back on the account. Thus it would need further 3 1/2 months of the present time (conditions 17. Jan. 2019), in order to receive the complete insert again back.

Important: It is important to note that the deposit is made in a crypto currency. If the Bitcoin rate today is 3000€ and you make this Bitcoin available to the bot, it will be calculated with Euros from this time. Therefore, it is a good idea to reinvest when the Bitcoin exchange rate is rising and to be paid out when the Bitcoin exchange rate is falling. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves depending on the own situation.


Payouts are possible at any time and will only be made via BTC within 24 hours of the request. For the first 7 days after the deposit, the returns will be added in the back office under “not available”. After 7 days the payout is possible at any time.

The payouts in the bot work as follows:

  1. In the telegram bot the command setwallet <bitcoin wallet address> can be specified at any time to set the payout wallet.
  2. After the wallet has been set for the payout, the payout is made with the command out < amount in €> (e.g. out 500 for 500 Euro payout in Bitcoin)
  3. After 10 minutes (depending on blockchain load also later) check your wallet to which you have sent the payment. The amount should now have arrived on your account.

Please note that Minerva cooperates with the provider Coinpayments. The provider charges a fee of 2-3€ for each payment. Therefore it is rather worthwhile to have larger amounts paid out than small ones.


Each customer of the Minerva Bot can decide for himself whether he wants to have paid out its profits or reinvest. A reinvest is treated like an initial investment (365 days term from the beginning, 7 days payout block, minimum amount 5€). In the bot itself there is a reinvestment calculator with which you can run through several scenarios.

Referral System

MinervaTrading has a 3-step partner program with the levels for satisfied customers:

1. 7% (direct partner)
2. 3% (partner 2nd level – partner of direct partner)
3. 2% (partner 3rd level – partner of partner of direct partner)

For Reinvests directly from the balance there are the following commissions:

1. 3% (direct partner)
2. 2% (partner 2nd level)
3. 1% (partner 3rd level)

Important: In order to be entitled to commission, you need to generate one revenue for each level. For level 1 this is 500€, for level 2 1.500€ and for level 3 2.500€.


The Minerva Trading Bot is especially suitable for beginners who want to multiply their crypto currencies. The team behind the Minerva Trading Bot is well set up and always provides new features. In addition, there are various community and news channels in different languages in which customers can exchange information with each other and receive the latest information on the status of the bot. The support usually responds to German and English inquiries within one day and fixt arising problems usually also within this time window.

According to company statements, the profits are not generated by the bot itself, but by an arbitrage trader from Switzerland. However, further diversification is already planned in order to generate long-term profits for the company and the crypto investors.

Interested parties can obtain further information on the Minerva Trading Bot via the weekly Infocalls. The links to the calls can be found on Telegram under the following link:

Minerva Bot News

If you would like to test the Minerva Trading Bot without obligation, please register using the following link:

Minerva Bot Registration

If you have any further questions, please feel free to join our group, in which we will be happy to assist you in setting up the bot. We will then familiarize you step by step with how it works. Even if you have general questions about crypto currencies or brokers, we will be happy to advise you.

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