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Products from the far East – geek and wish the test

General information:

Short description: Geek is an application, which can be ordered products from the far East at extremely affordable prices. According to app, price discounts are propagated by over 90%. The website for the app can be found under https://geek.wish.com/.



Payment currency: USD
Languages: German/English/Chinese

Payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Google Wallet
  • Apple pay
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
  • iDEAL

Offered products

Geek offers products from the following product groups:

  • Clothing for women and men
  • Accessories for mobile phones
  • Jewelry, watches and other accessories
  • Makeup & beauty products
  • Bags
  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Sports and outdoor clothing
  • Children clothes and toys
  • Shoes
  • Home and kitchen products

If you are running your own store, you can sell your products through wish. Registration for the sales program is here for free. Also the lists of their products on the platform is free of charge. However, the party estimated a fee, the amount of which is currently not in the terms of service. I have already made a request in this respect and still waiting for their reply.

Quality of goods

In this case, caution is advised, because at first glance give positive comments from buyers of a product appears, that the sold product seems to be very good.


Because after clicking on “Show all”, it will be really interesting. Because now you get the reviews of the customers who were possibly not very satisfied with their sale and discourage buying.


In the details of various products, some scorching comments about missing components, long delivery times, as well as a poor processing find until down to the complete not functioning.

Thus, it should be clear that customers here once should read each comment itself, before they consider a purchase consideration.

Purchase and return

Following conditions have as a customer by geek/wish to meet you to spin your products, if the quality does not meet your requirements. You should make a return within 30 days of delivery. Cancellation may be requested prior to shipment of the goods even if you consider you not to buy the product.

A payment refund via the payment method through which you’ve done the payment. You therefore pay via PayPal, the money to your PayPal account will be refunded you. The money will be refunded according to the operator within 14 days. For a cash payment, you will receive only a voucher. You can find these “Rewards”.

The following costs must carry However even as prepaid. This would be especially…

  • The return costs (postage, delivery to the post office)
  • Customs fees
  • Value added tax

Therefore, it is extremely important to closer to read the Productreviews, to check whether the product and the supplier be worth something.

In the following you will find one of my orders on the platform and the associated options. I ordered an action cam with accessories. The expected delivery time is about one month.

geek stuff

Reward system

After the first two orders were 20 points credited to me and raised my “level” to 2. Rewards may vary depending on the purchased an item and not exchanged for cash or transferred.

For rewards, you can go as a customer on www.wish.com/gift-cards and check in there, what rewards for you are available. Rewards are not permanently, but expire according to provider already after a few days.


So far, the provider looks quite serious. The FAQs provide all important answers to questions. It should be noted that geek/wish provides only the sales area for products of different suppliers. Thus, enormous differences in the quality of the goods, costs and delivery can not be excluded. The presentation of the service of platform is okay, but more like the a junk dealer.

Unfortunately, often cheap and non-functioning products are represented by third-party, which in turn move the platform in a bad light and are a clear no-go. Nevertheless, the run on the products seems to be unbroken since the price for some buyers seems to play a greater role, as the quality.

Also, why do the provider only more or less holds two same apps with different names but with the same functionality turns me personally. Possibly this is to believe a kind of dummy competition the customers. The only difference I could find so far was that on geek more gadgets and wish more clothes – but not exclusively – be presented.

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