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To Good To Go

ToGoodToGo – the app against food waste

by CL10494

General information:

Short description: The application ToGoodToGo enables restaurant operators on the one
their product offering to present and to be known. On the other hand, people can
secure nice food bargains with a lower budget or a saving sense.

http://toogoodtogo.dk/lang/ (leading directly to the language selection)Type:
Online service


Browser/Apple store/Google play


Payment currency: USD
Languages: German/English/French/Danish

Payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal

All payments are handled according to the provider of the payment partner Epay and Clearhaus.

Offered services

The app ToGoodToGo enjoys a growing popularity among restaurants and consumers. The principle is quite simple. In a first step, you log in with your Facebook account or sign up with your email address and password. Then you come on the dashboard, which looks like this:


Here you can already see all restaurants that join as a partner. For restaurant operators is to make this a great way the own brand known and at the same time to do good. More on this later.

After clicking on the button “Card”, a map with several markers will appear in the right window. These represent all of the restaurants providing discounted food on the platform, which would save them from the way throw. It is to find restaurants in the surrounding area also possible indicating the own postal code.


Now click on one of the markers, opens the details window with details of the respective restaurant (see Image below).


As far as a restaurant has left more food, you can choose the portion amounts that you are available. Now, you select a portion, you can click on the “buy” button and you will get to the payment page. After you’ve done the payment via PayPal or credit card, you will receive a receipt delivered via E-Mail. You then present in the restaurant and let give you a box or paper bag with the ordered meals.

Note the restaurant operators to serve you only in certain time Windows that specify the details. Outside the times, the food can not be picked. You should thus make in each case that you hold the specified time window.

Costs for restaurant operators

€1 will be credited for each order restaurant operators. The operators of the platform to keep the rest. It financed the platform costs, staff and the support of non-profit organizations.


The app by ToGoodToGo is kept very simple and offers real value to users. The design is consistent and thus can not only in the mobile app quickly navigated, but also on the desktop app.

Unfortunately, it displays all the markers on the map in the same form. If a restaurant offers yet or not, is only visible after clicking on one of the markers on the map and then click on the link displayed. In this case, it would be quite reasonable to automatically customize the color code for the marker on the map after a selloff.

Nevertheless the app in all respects is super and certainly the one or the other growling stomach.

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