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Shipping to Switzerland for Euro prices

General information:

Short description: Meineinkauf.ch is an online service provider, which allows you goods from abroad euro cost to order and deliver directly to you home. It is the genius, that the price of the service has already for the postage fees, customs and other duties including.

Service provider:




Payment currency: CHF
Languages: German


Registration: free of charge
Electrónico E-mail address: free of charge

Service fee per purchase (in the case of items up to 10 kg): CHF 14.90 (stand 09.02.2017)
Service fee from 2 programmes: 9.90 CHF (State: 09.02.2017)

Return costs: CHF 9.90 plus domestic postage

All prices and shipment charges:

Offered services

The service provider Meineinkauf.ch offers a great alternative for living in Switzerland, who like to shop in other euro countries. Online shopping one or the other will have experience already, that shopping can be very expensive. Partially namely juicy inch on the purchased goods are fees and shipping charges are usually very expensive. For this purpose, Meineinkauf.ch offers a simple alternative to reduce the cost of online shopping in other euro countries.

Mine shopping home - shipping en Switzerland from all tiendas online at prices euro

Only a valid E-Mail address and a password are necessary for registration with the provider. After this info in the registry have been specified, you will get an email with a verification link from the provider delivered. Clicking on this link, you will get to the profile page, where you will need to enter your contact information.

On login step 2 - enter of the contact data

Upon completion, you will receive an E-Mail address, which you must take for your next purchases, to benefit from the advantages of the provider. It has the format <vorname>.<nachname> @meineinkauf.ch.</nachname> </vorname>

You used exclusively this email address and the contact information of the provider for your next orders. The goods are sent with every order to MeinEinkauf GmbH which directly provide these to you. The provider indicates on completion of registration explicitly that only the contact data of the provider to be used for future purchases.

Important note - in the future, all the goods at the address of MeinEinkauf GmbH must be sent

Now, you can already make your first orders on Amazon and other platforms. Used as mentioned here the mine purchase email address and their contact address and not your own. Following choices offer you:


You’ll get communicated all further information to change the settings on the online marketplace sites from the EU between Meineinkauf.ch also again by E-Mail. The process of change for an Amazon account explains in the following:

After the new E-Mail address is set up, the new delivery address can be established.

After this is done, your delivery address should look like this.

Great, now I’m curious about, how fast is my next Amazon delivery at my home.


The platform meineinkauf.ch is very intuitive and is quickly set up the address. The cost of the service, and not through the provider available products be specified transparently. For example, are this food, dietary supplements, all types of medications, etc. For grocery shopping is thus the dang on the border cannot be avoided. Certainly a disadvantage is that the party gained the right to the goods and may refuse a publication if it deems it legitimate. Thus the payments for the service should be made as early, so that he may reserve no right of retention. Deliveries can after approx. 48 hours after an order from the providers website will be tracked. Thus is also evident, where the goods are located at the relevant time.

I hope you have fun with the provider and can save a few bucks on Amazon.


How about your Meineinkauf.ch times tests by her orders the first product from the provider you? Here are some fun gift ideas for your business – colleagues:

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